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14 June 2007 @ 08:18 pm
Subject: FLCL - General Series
Batch #/Total Icons Complete: (i.e.) Batch 1 - 26/26
Additonal Notes: Spoilers for Episode 6. Credit/Comment appreciated.

I was having problems with animation, so E is smaller than 100x100. F is mostly black and white.

I think that's everything...Thank you for your time!

A is for Adult
B is for Bandage
C is for CPR
D is for Death
E is for Eyebrows
F is for FLCL
G is for Godwin's Law
H is for Headache
I is for Iron
J is for Justice
K is for King
L is for Lesbian
M is for Monster
N is for Never
O is for Overcompensating
P is for Pretender
Q is for Quixotic
R is for Revenge
S is for Smut
T is for Tobacco
U is for Unearthly
V is for Vespa
W is for Winner
X is for X-Ray
Y is for Years
Z is for Zenith


sociologique, thedbarchives.com

Textures and Brushes:
___route66, lookslikerain, daffodil, Colorfilter.net
Akinadark_angel869 on June 16th, 2007 09:44 pm (UTC)
Your icons are very pretty! And your claim was added to the Claim of Fame post.